Wedding Tips and Ideas

Before the wedding even begins, the lucky couple and their wedding planner have a lot of preparing to do. Things like selecting the music for the reception, choosing dresses and clothes for everyone, and picking the location of the wedding and reception are some of the most common tasks that the wedding planning party must prepare for. Here are some ideas and tips for things to do during the wedding as well as some other preparation suggestions.

Wedding Music – Selecting the right music for both the wedding ceremony and reception can help set the atmosphere. Here are some tips and ideas for selecting the right songs.

Best Classic Wedding Songs – Which songs are popular for weddings? Here are 15 popular wedding songs and some tips on choosing the right songs for your wedding and/or reception.

Wedding Coordinators – Wedding coordinators can take a lot of the strain off of preparing for a wedding. Read this article for tips on how to hire the right wedding coordinator.

Wedding Gown Ideas – There is really nothing more stressful for a bride -to-be than the search for the perfect dress. Now, the considerations you need to make are really very few. Always know your budget limit, your taste, and of course, what is in style.

Spring Wedding Bridesmaid Dresses – The spring time is a popular time to have a wedding and choosing a dress is one of the more challenging tasks a bride must face. Here are some tips and suggestions for choosing a spring bridesmaid dress.

Flower Girls – Flower girls symbolize sweetness and innocence in a wedding ceremony. However, how do you choose the right flower girl or girls to be in your wedding? Be sure to read our tips for choosing the right flower girl(s) for your special day.

Ring Bearer – In a traditional wedding, the ring bearer is a young boy who carries the ring on a pillow in the ceremony. Consider these tips and suggestions on how to select a ring bearer and also how to prepare him for the ceremony.

Wedding City – There are many cities that people choose to get married in,  each with its own unique atmosphere. Here are some ideas for cities to get married in.

Cruise Weddings – Here’s a unique wedding idea. How about having a wedding on a cruise ship? A memorable wedding celebration for everyone combined with the fun of a cruise.

Wedding Doves – Although not required, wedding doves can be used to enhance the wedding experience. Here are some tips and ideas for planning a wedding dove release at your wedding or reception.