Wedding Response Wording 101

The use of wedding response cards, or the RSVP cards, is the traditional way of knowing who — and who will not — attend the wedding. Before sending out wedding response cards, it is important to know the right wedding response wording to use behind this process.

Keep Your Wedding Response Wording Simple

Wedding response cards are usually small since they need to fit inside the wedding invitation envelopes. The wedding response wording range from simple to elegant. Some employ simple one liners which gives more space for personal messages from the guests. In fact, there are various ways of asking for the ‘favor of a reply.’

Also, you have to take note how most wedding response cards have an ‘M’ line. This is the most common way of starting ‘Mr.’, ‘Ms.’ or ‘Mrs.’ and the line next to it is where the attendees’ write their names. Such wording is usually used for those formal invitations. A substitute for such wording can be ‘Name(s)’.

What To include In The Wedding Response Wording

The wedding response wording should be written short, clear and sweet. It is crucial that you are able to give your guests a brief idea of what they can expect at the wedding reception. However, do remember that these the wedding response cards are coming back to you, thus it is not necessary to include a lot of information.

The wedding response wording should cover two main elements. First is the reply by date, and the second one is the confirmation of attendance.

Also, your wedding response card can contain details about the dress requirements, the menu or some other small piece of necessary information. You may also include the phrase “number of people in my posse” so that you will know how many people will be able to come in a particular group. Knowing beforehand the number of people who can come to the event is one major factor that can make the party a successful one. Every decision made, from the venue size to the seating arrangements and the menu depend on a precise guest count. Using these wedding response cards may ease any worries.

Here is an example of a traditional wedding response wording template to use:

The favor of your reply is requested by June 21st, 2010.
____________(blank for their name)_________________
____ Accept with Pleasure
____ Decline with Regret
____ Number Attending

NOTE: The wedding response wording example shows the following sections / lines:
Line 1: “Please reply by” line that has the date – which is 3 to 4 weeks before the wedding.
Line 2: A blank line for the invitee/s to write their name/s.
Line 3 and 4: Two spaces where the invitees check the response – either “Accept with Pleasure” or “Decline with Regret”
Line 5: A space to write the number of people attending.

What You Want To Imply In Your Wedding Response Wording

Your wedding invitations, as well as response cards play a crucial role in the whole process of your wedding preparation -  since they create the first impression of your wedding theme. The wedding response wording can convey the tone of the wedding event: Formal or Casual. This can also give the guests some idea on what they should wear for that event. A simple short note saying ‘Dressy Casual’, ‘Black Tie’ or ‘Festive Attire’ can help guests prepare better for the wedding event.

Wedding response wording can also tactfully note if children are allowed to attend the coming event. Although the invitation usually covers this information, the response card can be a final reminder. One common way of doing so is to add ‘Adult reception’ as a footnote. This is a polite and more courteous way of saying ‘No children allowed.’

The last element to complete and finish off your wedding plan would be making sure that the appropriate wedding response wording is used. With the effective wedding response wording used, you can seat back and relax as you watch the whole wedding event go the way you have wanted and planned it to be.