Wedding Reception Food Ideas

Planning the menu for a wedding reception can be quite a challenge from choosing the right types of food to determining how much to get. Not only do you have to think about the main course, but also the wedding cake, appetizers and finger food, beverages, and dessert. You can also hire caterers to help you out. Here are some great ideas for wedding food:


Reception Food Essentials – Before starting your menu planning, check out these reception food essentials and tips.

Wedding Menu – The first step is planning your reception is setting up the wedding menu. Here is an overview of the types of foods that you will need.

Wedding Reception Appetizers – The appetizers are one of the big things that people look forward to during a wedding. Here are some popular ideas for reception appetizers.

Caterers – Caterers can take a lot of the hassle out of preparing food for a wedding and also are experienced in providing delicious food that your guests will love. Here are some tips for choosing the perfect caterer or catering company for your wedding reception.

Wedding Food Stations / Displays – When attending a wedding, guests like to have access to a wide variety of delicious food. Here are some ideas for setting up separate food stations and displays for your guests at the reception.


Champagne Fountain – An elegant addition to your wedding reception is a champagne fountain – a decorative fountain where people can get their champagne from. Read about what champagne fountains are, how much they cost, and other practical information.

Wedding Drinks and Beverages – Trying to decide what drinks to get for your guests? Here are some of the most popular reception drink ideas.

Wedding Cakes

Wedding Cake Ideas – Here are some tips and flavor possibilities on selecting the right style and flavor for your wedding cake.

Popular Cake Flavors – One of the things that you should know is the new wedding cake flavors for 2010. Just like wedding gowns and themes, there are also fads when it comes to the cakes made for weddings.

Edible Cake Decor – Decorating a cake can be lots of fun, but did you know that you can decorate your wedding cake with decor that is actually edible? Here are some toppers you can add to your cake that will not only look good, but taste good too.

Types of Food

Dinner Food – Here are some basic tips and ideas for selecting and preparing food for your wedding.

Wedding Dessert Ideas – Don’t forget to top off that wonderful wedding dinner with a delicious dessert. Here are some popular ideas for wedding desserts.

Dessert Buffet – Your wedding guests will have a range of preferences for wedding desserts. Read about these tips and suggestions for choosing desserts and caterers for your dessert buffet.