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All social events, whether a baptism or a wedding, are occasions where everyone is expected to follow certain rules and proper social decorum so that the mood of the event and the program will run smoothly.

But particularly for weddings, proper etiquette is followed because any deviation from it or any impolite or rude behavior from anyone, whether intended or not, will cause inconvenience and will most probably hurt the couple being wed.

Listed below are some etiquette rules that should be followed when it come to guests, giving and receiving gifts, wedding invitations as well.

For the guests:
• Dress codes during weddings are to be followed not just because of the couple’s fancy or because all will look good in photos – however, dress codes are given to make the couple and all guests feel that they belong in the event (and not as outcasts) and it is made for the convenience of the guests as well. Not following dress codes may mean you may be wearing your favorite ‘Renaissance’ outfit in a modern wedding ceremony – not ideal if you would want to feel comfortable and relax during the whole occasion.
• The presence of children may seem cute and cheerful in a wedding event, however, children are generally not invited during wedding celebrations. In cases where they are, just ensure that they are not causing any distraction or creating any playful/unruly voice which can ruin the wedding proper or the reception.
• If you are organizing a bridal shower, invite only those that are invited on the wedding event itself. It will be awkward for the bride to be receiving gifts or celebrating the bridal shower with someone who is not invited to the wedding itself. There are a lot of practical and personal reasons why someone is not invited to the wedding, and leave it to the bride to decide who will be coming to the wedding, and consequently, to the bridal shower.

On gifts and thank you notes:
• Do not mention the wedding registry on the wedding invitation. While it may be expected that a gift registry will be mentioned to the guests, do this in another manner and not in the wedding invitation. The invitation is a formal announcement, and should only carry the message of love and togetherness – gifts should be discussed separately.
• Even if you are inviting guests and relatives over who you are really familiar with, do not request for gifts. The gift registry should be enough for them to get ideas on what type of gift to give you.
• In rare cases that a wedding is canceled, all gifts must be returned, including the ones received during the bridal shower.

With these tips, you can now help and be part of a meaningful and special wedding celebration full of wonderful memories created by special people.

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Essentials in Wedding Reception Food and Venue Mon, 19 Jul 2010 20:22:04 +0000 Sheila
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    Essentials in Wedding Reception Food and Venue

    For most people, the food served in a social event can make or break the occasion itself. When people are tired and exhausted from participating in the program or waiting for the program to conclude, the food served may well be turning point to make the celebration come to life again.

    Especially during weddings, the food served very much reflects the taste and preference of the couple. How special the food is being served almost always determines how special the event is for them and how memorable they want this to be for their guests.
    While there are plenty of options for food menus, there are essential things that can help make your wedding reception food as memorable as the wedding itself.

    • Thoroughly communicate with your caterer about their experience in catering and if they will be catering to a similar event on the day of your wedding. Sometimes, caterers have an excuse that they have simultaneous events that they that’s why their cutleries and china are not complete. While this may be understandable in other occasions, make this a no-no in your wedding.
    • Check if your venue will allow you to bring your preferred caterer. Some venues have their own list of accredited caterer that they allow in their place (some venue do this to have exclusivity and prevent ‘ill-reputed’ caterers from being associated with them).
    • For venues that have their own caterer, you can still choose as they would have a wide array of accredited caterers. From local cuisine to exotic and exciting food choices, they will definitely offer a lot of option just so you would avail of their venue.
    • Ensure freshness with the food that will be served especially if you are serving raw foods like sushi or sashimi.
    • Have each dish available – meat, poultry, and vegetables. Ensure that your vegetarian guests will have their fill too and that all tastes will be made available as well. Have dishes that are sweet, some salty, and some spicy, to make sure that your guests feel like it’s a gastronomic adventure.
    • Have menu cards available as well so your guests wont be left guessing the type of dish or meat that they will be getting.

    Of course, on top of it all, make sure that food is fresh and not spoiled. Ensure that your caterer has had enough experience catering to such events, and that unexpected delays in schedule and timing will be attended to. It will definitely ruin the almost perfect wedding that you have if your guests get sick because of spoiled food that was served.

    What’s even more fun even before the wedding reception itself is that food caterers offer food tasting for couples for you to choose the food that you want to be served.

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    Have a Renaissance-Themed Wedding Mon, 19 Jul 2010 20:20:53 +0000 Sheila
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    Have a Renaissance-Themed Wedding

    While there are different wedding themes such as a modern or gypsy wedding, you would like to turn back the hands of time and bring chivalry back in these modern times. Nothing feels better than having your knight or your prince and come sweep you off your feet.

    You do not want a simple wedding, but rather, you would have a renaissance wedding that calls for royalty and chivalry, something a blushing bride like you truly deserves.

    How to get that look? There are many ways on how you can make your wedding and the guests feel like they are thrown back in time when romance and chivalry reigned.

    • Have your invitation printed out in scrolls. More into the details, have the script written out in calligraphy font and use parchment paper. Starting from the invitation, have the guests feel that it will be a renaissance wedding they will be attending. Refer to your invitees as Lady or Sir to make them feel as part of royalty as well.
    • On the wedding day itself, ask your guests to come in renaissance costume. Make sure though that everyone will have fun whether they come in in full renaissance attire or in simple costume.
    • For the decorations, the feel of royalty and extravagant adornment can be achieved by the use of drapes, candles and ribbons.
    • Have guests of honor (everyone for that matter) feel the abundance of food by serving fish, turkey, cheese and wine – common food served in special occasions.
    • For the color motif, use dark rich colors such as burgundy – a symbol symbol of royalty during that era.
    • Now here is your chance to get full costume both as a bride and a renaissance royalty. The bride can wear flowing bell sleeves while the groom can be a honorable knight for a day (or an honorable husband for a lifetime).
    • Hold your wedding reception in an old castle or if such venue is not available, have a garden adorned with drapes, and candles to achieve that look. Use dark wood for tables and chairs.
    • If you have the budget (or at least the resources on where to get them cheap or for free), you can also rent statues that you can use to decorate your place to show off the lavishness of the renaissance era.

    While this event is a dream come true, make your dream renaissance wedding a reality as well. You would only need a garden, drapes, scrolls and your creativity to turn your wedding into a fun and romantic event that everyone will remember.

    There is no reason why you can’t re-create a scene from the past. As you celebrate your wedding, have the feel of being a princess or a royalty in the presence of family and friends offering their well wishes as well.

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    Get A Wedding Planner That Will Help Your Budget As Well Mon, 19 Jul 2010 20:08:38 +0000 Sheila
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    Get A Wedding Planner That Will Help Your Budget As Well

    There are a lot of things that should be put into place when preparing a wedding – the menu, the entourage, the venue, the program – and imagine doing all of these by yourself. While it may be fun recreating them on your mind before, but now that you will need to prepare for it, yes, you’ve guessed it right – it will take a lot of legwork and time.

    Hiring a wedding planner can remedy all these – imagine a fairy godmother whipping all these up for you – but then again, a fairy godmother wouldn’t cost you a thing, but a wedding planner does.

    Here are some ways though that can get you the help that you need at a fraction of the cost.

    • Some of your friends may be vocal about helping out. As they are excited for you on your wedding day, some may be willing to help you out on certain tasks – especially if those tasks interest them. One of your friends may be into flowers, or one may have contacts in the catering business – let them help out by coordinating with them for you. Just ensure constant communication so that there will be no misunderstanding that may occur. Do not assume that since they are your friends, they will know what you want. Guide them and work with them –consider their time and effort as their gift to you.
    • Ask the advice of a friend who recently got married. She would know that ins and outs of arranging a modern wedding and she will have all the feedback whether the caterer or venue is a good choice or not. She will know the things that you may miss out on. There might even be some ideas that she would want to try out on your wedding (that she was not able to do on hers). It will be exciting as the two of you plan a wedding that will have your ideas in mind and her realistic and practical experience come together.
    • You can have a relative as well help you out. A relative of yours may have some spare time and willingness to do some of the coordination and legwork for you. Talk to her first to make sure your wants are clear to her. Some may have a miscommunication as you may need to remind her that this is your wedding, and not hers. Constantly communicate and ensure that everything will go well on the day itself. While you are busy being a blushing bride, know that there is someone you can trust to follow-up matters on the wedding day itself.

    What’s most important is that you get to enjoy your wedding on the day itself. Have all the necessary information handed out to your wedding planner and just sit back, relax and enjoy the company of your charming groom on your wedding day – everything will go as planned.

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    When You Need to Call off The Wedding Mon, 19 Jul 2010 19:58:31 +0000 Sheila When You Need to Call off The Wedding

    You know you’re not getting cold feet because now you have decided that the wedding (and the marriage even before it starts), is finally not pushing through. Through all the preparations, you have finally realized that this wedding is not something you would want in the long haul (or maybe just not with him).

    While everyone may be emotional right now, realize that there are things that you can do to make it a soft blow (well, just a little bit).

    • Be steadfast. People around you may try to talk you out of it and make you change your mind. However, this is not the point to be swayed and confuse everyone and make them doubt over again. Make it clear to them that your intention is not to hurt anyone but rather, it is something that will all work out for the best.
    • After letting your mind work, make your heart be ready for some emotional rollercoaster. While you may be all settled with your decision, know that the people around you, especially your fiancée, is feeling all intense emotions, including hurt and embarrassment. No matter what reason you may have, those are things he will be unwilling to accept in the coming weeks (or months), and how he deals with it – whether negatively or positively, is something you should come to terms with. He may also not be able to take care of himself so it is best to leave him grieving for a while.
    • Know that not everyone will understand and take things lightly. Some may not fell all the better about your decision but still thank them and acknowledge that whatever it is they are thinking is not something you can control.
    • It will be costly on your part to cancel the wedding. The emotional burden may be too great already that you need not put additional financial burden to your fiancée or his family.
    • You should be the one who will cancel all reservations. Do not expect cooperation or support at this point from your fiancée in cancelling all reservation. Spare him the humiliation he will feel and also by doing this yourself, you can reassure everyone that you are decided in doing this and that there will be no turning back.

    What’s most important in this situation is that you are able to handle yourself maturely and that no immaturity takes place. Remember that as decided as you were when you were planning everything about the wedding, certain things come into play that calling the wedding off becomes more crucial and significant.
    As things may already be clear to you, know that emotions, finances and people will come into place and you must know how to handle them well.

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    Proposing to Your Girlfriend on the Radio Mon, 19 Jul 2010 19:51:43 +0000 Sheila Proposing to Your Girlfriend on the Radio

    You feel that this is the time to propose and ask your girlfriend to spend the rest of your lives together. You’ve read and heard stories about romantic, extreme and simple proposals however, you fancy proposing to her and announcing it to the world (or the radio listeners at any rate).

    A radio announcement of your proposal is something that will need connection or resources to help you orchestrate it.
    If you have a friend who happens to be a DJ, you can ask for his help (and he will be happy to extend it to you of course), and you can simply pop the question during his airtime. But if you do not have such connection, here are some legworks that you have to do – know that she will see that the effort in itself is romantic already.

    • Know the radio station she listens to. Once you have this information, visit the radio station itself and talk to the station manager – he is the one usually in charge of the spots or ads being placed on air. You can ask about advertising rates as this will already fall as airtime – an airtime they can give to advertisers for a fee, so same goes to you, your airtime will be charged as well. They would suggest you pre-record the proposal and take a 30-second advertising spot – the rates will vary depending on the time of airing.
    • When pre-recording, prepare your script beforehand and already choose a background music – this is important as you set the mood to get that yes. Use her favorite romantic music as a background or if you have a theme song, use that as your background music.
    • Remember the date and time when the proposal will be aired. Make sure that by then, you two are together listening to the radio station. You can start off by having small talk about your plans and quiet down as you let her hear your proposal on the air. By the time it’s finished, take out the ring and wait for her reply.
    • But if budgetary considerations come into play, find out a radio program that deals with relationships. Normally, the DJs will be more than happy to give you airtime as you propose, whether live or pre-recorded.
    • You can do the proposal live by calling the station and being put on air. You need not be at the station itself because of course, it would be better that the two of you are together as the proposal is being heard on the air.

    Have all the courage that you can muster as you do this plan. It will take more than just kneeling to pull this proposal off. Your girlfriend though will truly feel special as this gesture will show how much you really love her and how proud you are to be her boyfriend. Such gesture will truly be hard to ignore.

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    Affordable Hotel Wedding Packages Mon, 08 Mar 2010 21:04:29 +0000 Diona
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    Affordable Hotel Wedding Packages

    Planning to get married but not sure if you can afford one? There is a very easy way to plan for a wedding at a very low cost.  Affordable hotel wedding packages are a godsend and these are exactly what you should look into if you want to save oodles of cash.

    Where to Look for Affordable Hotel Wedding Packages

    The internet would be a great place to look for these wedding packages.  The offers you will come across range from attractive to really astounding.  What it requires most is your willingness to dig for treasure and if there is one thing that you can count on, it is that you find find something that would fit your budget.

    What to Look For

    Decent Hotel Accommodations- What you want to have for your wedding is a location which will be all ready without you having to lift a finger to arrange and a honeymoon suite which you can enjoy later in the day.

    Great Rates- You would want to land a package which will fit perfectly in your budget.  Remember that wedding packages should include the hotel accommodation, reception location, menu, and entertainment.  The only way you will  get exactly the price you are looking to pay is to keep looking until you actually come across such offer. You can also negotiate rates if you have a lot of out of town guests coming in.

    Accessible Location- If you plan to get married in a hotel, make sure that you pick somewhere that is highly accessible to all your guests.  You certainly would not want to inconvenience them seeing as they have been gracious enough to share the happiest day of your life.

    Flexible Arrangements- Most affordable hotel wedding packages online are set in stone which means you do  not have any say in what will be provided to you.  However, if you look hard enough, there are wedding packages you can find that are not only affordable but also flexible.  That is, you can make certain choices when it comes to the decor, menu, entertainment, etc.

    Banquet Hall – Make sure to take a look at the banquet hall if you are planning on hosting your reception at a hotel. Is the space big enough for all your guests? Is there a big enough dance floor? Try to envision your wedding reception here with all your guests and make sure to compare multiple locations to see which one fits best for you.

    It does not have to be hard to put together a wedding for such a small amount of money.  In fact, it can be more fun for you because you can get away from the stress of preparing for an event that is too grand or too formal.

    The key is to have a realistic expectation of what the wedding will be like.  It certainly will not be anything like Princess Diana’s but it will still be very much dignified and memorable.

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    Honeymoon Hotels Mon, 08 Mar 2010 20:59:52 +0000 Diona
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    Honeymoon Hotels

    After one grueling day of shaking hands and doing waltzes, newly weds look forward to that single most special night of their relationship which kicks off the honeymoon.  If you still have not settled on which honeymoon hotel you will stay in after the wedding, now would be the perfect time to decide on this matter.

    Even if your wedding is still several months away, scouting for honeymoon hotels is a must because the best ones are usually booked oodles of time ahead.

    Scouting Honeymoon Hotels Online

    Whether you are looking to spend a few days in a luxury suite with round the clock room service or in a simple matrimonial room with enough amenities for your pleasure, you can always find these things online and the best way to find the top choices is to browse through websites.

    You have to note that there are certain hotels that cater to high end needs.  There are also those that are rather basic but still have the romantic ambiance that newly weds are looking for.  When you book for a hotel online, the prices vary depending on how fancy the amenities are so you have to set a definite budget for the duration of your stay.

    Online Deals

    Not everyone has a lot of money to burn for a romantic hotel so for the most part you might have to do some digging.  This is not at all hard to accomplish because there are thousands of websites that cater to this particular need.  You just need to stick to your budget plan and know exactly what you want.  It would also be wise to have realistic expectations especially if your budget is on the limited side.

    Themed Honeymoon Hotels

    Not only will you be able to find discounted hotel deals online but you can also be sure to find interestingly designed hotels that will suit your preferences.  Sometimes it gets too stale staying in the same type of hotel that is has the interior that looks just like all other hotels in the city.

    Themed honeymoon hotels will certainly bring a little something more to your honeymoon.  If you are an adventurous couple and you do not care for plain, this is an idea that you should definitely explore.

    Honeymoon is the culmination of the wedding and it is the one thing you would really want to remember for the rest of your life as a married couple.

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    Honeymoon Lodges Mon, 08 Mar 2010 20:58:02 +0000 Diona
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    Honeymoon Lodges

    The best part of having an outdoor wedding in the country is that you can take advantage of the laid back country life for a few days after the wedding daze has worn off.  Honeymoon lodges have become the next best thing for couples who want to take a short break from their very busy and grueling city life to enjoy the great outdoors.

    Why Honeymoon lodges?

    Hotels are becoming too cliche for honeymooning while honeymoon lodges offer a more laid back environment which is really what most people need before they go back to their busy lives.  An even better reason for choosing lodges over hotels is that you will only need to spend a fraction of what it would cost you to book a fancy hotel in the city.

    You will get the chance to commune with nature and take the hike that you never got the chance to do because of your very busy schedules.  Even if you are not a fan of hiking or trailing, you can always enjoy the  fresh air, the warm morning sun, and the peaceful setting that is simply priceless.

    How much?

    Depending on how long you are planning to stay, honeymoon lodges can cost from as low as $50 to $150 per day.  There are honeymoon packages that you can score online and if you book your honeymoon months ahead of schedule, you can even take advantage of promotional rates that some country lodges offer to couples.

    The perfect time for honeymoon in the country is spring or summer.  However, if you insist on having a wedding in the fall or the dead of winter, you might want to pack up good on the essentials.  It gets a little too chilly in the country during the cold months but you can stay warm near the fireplace which is one of the best feature of honeymoon lodges.

    The best part about staying at honeymoon lodges instead of hotels is that there are actual activities set while you are there.  You will not just be staying in bed all day or stare at the fire for hours because you can do any of the following while you are on your honeymoon:

    Bird Watching







    Bunjee Jumping


    Rock Climbing

    So can count on the fact that no matter how low key your honeymoon would seem, there will always be something fun that you can look forward to while you stay in a honeymoon lodge.

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    Secular Weddings Sun, 07 Mar 2010 17:51:36 +0000 Diona Secular Weddings

    While some couples follow certain religious structures, others are simply not very interested in anything that has to do with religion especially when it comes to their wedding.  If you are one of these couples, you would be glad to know that your life just got a whole lot simpler.

    Not having to book for a chapel or a church will be a very welcome notion for you and even more so will be the option of just running down to the city hall or driving to Vegas for the weekend.

    Does this mean that your wedding will be too ordinary or less meaningful?  Not at all.  In fact, planning for a secular wedding can be a lot more fun without the stress.  You have a myriad of options lined up and all you need to do is choose which one you think would suit you best.

    A House Wedding Party

    After you have sealed the deal at the Justice of Peace, you can still have a fabulous wedding reception at your own home.  You can invite all your friends and family and have a really great time celebrating your union.

    The real mark of a secular wedding is that it is very casual and less stressful for the bride and groom.  You can choose to have the wedding ceremony anywhere.  In fact, if you opt for a civil wedding, there is no need for a venue at all because the Justice of Peace has his/her own chambers where your wedding can be solemnized.

    Indoor and Outdoor Secular Weddings

    If you decide to still have the formal ceremony, you then have to choose whether to hold it indoors or outdoors.  For Spring and Summer weddings, you can never beat an outdoor event, preferably set after 5pm so that the sun is not too glaring.  On the other hand, Fall and Winter weddings call for a much warmer environment such as a banquet hall.

    One way to cut back on expenses is to have the ceremony in the same hall where the reception will be.  The chairs and tables that are set for the reception can double as the audience area for the ceremony.  A lot of couples to this today in order to cut the preparation time for the wedding in half.

    Secular weddings are just as meaningful as religious weddings as long as they are prepared for beautifully.

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