Beach Wedding Reception Menu

Thinking of having a beach wedding?  Once you have settled on the location and attire for the event, the menu should be next on the list of things to be completed.  Planning a beach wedding reception menu is not as complicated as you might think especially since beach themed events are usually more laid back than indoor ones.

The first thing you have to remember is to determine the budget for the entire reception.  The upside of having this theme for the wedding is that you are most likely to save a lot of money because the menu is not expected to be too fancy.

Here are some of the most common foods that are served at beach wedding receptions:

Chicken. Whether its a formal or laid back event, chicken is always a winner.  You can choose to have it roasted, fried, stuffed, or grilled.  In all likelihood, people would enjoy grilled chicken a lot more when they are on the beach so consider having grill masters in your reception.

Barbecue- Nothing beats munching on burnt meat while enjoying the nice breeze and this is exactly what you can accomplish by having a barbecue at the reception.  What’s more is that you do not even need to have servers especially if you only have invited close friends and family because they can BBQ to their own taste.

Appetizers- It does not matter if you are having a formal or informal wedding reception because appetizers are a must.  For beach receptions, you should consider seafood such as crab or lobster puffs, shrimp cocktail, and the like.  Just make sure that the seafood used is fresh so as to avoid any incidents.

Cocktails- These are very important in beach themed weddings.  You are not getting away with just beers for the event so you might as well go all out.  Contrary to what you might be thinking, cocktails do not have to cost too much.  There are cheap drinks that you can serve that will still get everyone the much needed kick.

Fruit Desserts- It would be preferable to serve fresh fruits for desserts.  In fact, fruit plates would make for great sweet treats for the reception.

Keep in mind that the point of having a beach wedding and reception is to have fun which means that the food and drinks should also be as entertaining to the palate as possible.  The food does not have to fancy at all, in fact, the simpler, the better.  Just make sure there will be enough for everybody because for some reason, people on the beach tend to be hungrier than most.